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Riff This!

MST3K-style image submission and lampooning

Picture Riffs... For MST3K-style smartasses
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Okay, dig this.  I don't mind that SciFi.com has essentially trashed their Mystery Science Theatre 3000 section; MST's last three seasons on that network were a bit uneven (but I still love 'em).  What bugs me is that they took down the "CAPTION THIS!" page.

For those of you unfamiliar, SciFi.com would put screen-captures of whatever was showing on the network at any given moment: a commercial, one of their own shows, one of the zillions of old sci-fi series they'd bought syndication right to, whatever... It was just a single random frame of whatever was on their channel.  The screen-captures would be refreshed every few minutes.

Now then...  If you take a single random frame from anything on TV and freeze it, with no reference point for what you're looking at, odds are it will look pretty silly.  (Especially if you only display terrible C-grade 'made-for-televison' science fiction movies, reruns of 'Space: 1999', and infomercials, like SciFi does.)  The 'CAPTION THIS' page allowed the smartasses of the world to "riff" on these random images, a la MST3K, by filling in what the person on the screen could be saying, explaining what could be happening, or otherwise poking fun of the image.  It was fun to read, it was fun to do, and SciFi took it away, the bastards.

If you're already familiar with MST3K, bully for you.  If not, go rent a couple of the episodes and watch 'em.  If a guy and two robots verbally abusing bad movies --- basically, talking through the whole movie, but being funnier/more entertaining than the movie itself --- doesn't float your boat, you will hate the series, but you'll have a better idea of what this board is about.

"RULES" (such as they are)

1) Image Posting:
  - Keep 'em media-oriented.  Vacation snapshots or pics of your friends getting drunk are fine on your own journal.  Images here should be of a more 'public' nature.  (And if you have a TV tuner on your 'puter's video card, you're in like Flynn.)  However, this also means...
  - No "humorous" images.  While this sounds like a contradiction given the point of this board, what I mean is: images should be fairly 'random'.... Three guys in suits walking through an airport, random movie stills, your local city council meeting, someone patching a roof, sporting events, whatever.  Pictures that are already funny are no challenge to riff on.
  - Be gentle with the bandwidth.  If you're doing screen captures off your own computer, crop 'em and PhotoShop 'em.  Try to keep images under 50K and under 250 pixels in height.  DO NOT HOTLINK TO IMAGES!
  - No explaining what the picture is.  Just post the image: no header or explanatory text.
  - Provide source URLs.  The only "text" in an image post should be the full URL to wherever you found the image.

2) Riff Posting:
  - Brevity is ideal.  Riffs are one-liners and zingers.  No essays; really, if it's taking more than thirty words, you need to work on your chops some.
  - This is both a workshop and playroom.  The other point of this board is to give the would-be humorists among us a place to work out a bit.  Riffing is good exercise.  While posting to an LJ community isn't as lightning-quick as performing stand-up or improv theater, it's still a good way to tune your brain for spontaneity and improvisation.
  - Hecklers, please fuck off.  If a riff isn't funny, it isn't funny.  "D00d U suk" comments will be yanked, their authors will be spanked.  (By the same token, please keep laudatoy comments to a minimum... Put up your own riff(s), and put any "BTW, good one, SoAndSo" comments underneath.)
And a final note regarding heckling:
This board does not require "membership" and I want to keep it that way.  If pulling troll-posts becomes too time-consuming, though, that will change.  My personal opinion is that trolls on LJ are, to a person, total limpdicks...  Chumps who couldn't sustain a flame war on a Usenet .soc group; the .alt groups would eat them for breakfast and pick their teeth with the bones.

Now go post some random pictures and be funny.